What’s Legal Process Outsourcing And What Does It Include?

Legal Process Outsourcing involves transferring the work of attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals to external vendors located domestically and overseas. In short, LPO is the process of assigning law-related tasks to an external firm that is able to handle those tasks efficiently.

Our Legal Process Outsourcing can execute a wide range of tasks and jobs. This allows your company to not waste any time on routine tasks that do not need to be completed in-house.

Here are some of the tasks that Legal Process Outsourcing can handle:

> Draft Collection Letters

> Draft Covenant Enforcement Letters

> Draft Initial Pleadings

> Efile Initial Pleadings

> Drafting Rent Demand

> Drafting NSF Letters

> Drafting Intent to Liens

> Preparing Payoff

> Answering Affirmative Defences

> Accounts Receivable and Payable Activities

> Paralegal Support & Title Review

These are only a few examples of core legal processing solutions. If your company needs help with the above operations, reach out to us and see how we can help. The benefits are endless, from saving considerable time to an overall cost reduction.

With more time on your hands you can allow your company to expand practice area and take on more clients. On top of all those benefits, outsourcing legal services allows you to have a great balance between life and work, which increases your flexibility.