What Is RCM Dashboard and Why Is It Important for Your Healthcare Business

Modern-day cars come with fancy dashboards: they have an inbuilt GPS, digital tire pressure monitoring system, automated parking assistance and maps that show the best route to avoid jams. These dashboards centralize information and optimize your daily travel—they help you understand what’s happening with your car in real time. So, using just the odometer implies you’re unaware of your dashboard’s true potential.

A revenue cycle management (RCM) dashboard isn’t much different, and can help you make informed decisions by leveraging reports and data to make smart business decisions which can help you scale. Do you want more clarity on what an RCM dashboard is and how it can help your business? Here’s an overview

What Is RCM Dashboard?

Just like a car needs fuel and regular maintenance, it takes a lot of effort to run a healthcare practice—especially in a highly competitive market. An RCM dashboard generates and offers insights into your practice which help fuel your business operations. It also generates valuable financial and performance analytics to help you stay on top of all challenges such as billing errors, delays in accounts receivable (A/R) collection and claim denials. The dashboard analytics lets you quickly act on and resolve the challenges before they escalate into cashflow problems.

Let’s take a step back to understand this. You may have tons of raw A/R data, but lack the time to analyze it. So, how will you get a sense of what’s wrong with your collection efforts? This is where an RCM dashboard fits the bill—it processes and analyzes your A/R data to generate an overall summary to improve collections and a practice’s financial stability. Similar to how a car would give you real-time data on your fuel economy.

Now that you understand what an RCM analytics dashboard is, let’s find out its importance for your healthcare practice.

What Are the Benefits of RCM dashboard?

Just like a car’s dashboard offers detailed insights other than speed and distance covered to optimize your travel, an RCM analytics dashboard tells you a lot about your billing workflows and ways to improve revenue integrity. Here are two most significant advantages of a healthcare dashboard.


Imagine this: you and your friend are planning to set out on a long trip with your families in two days. It would make sense to check the fuel levels, right? Your fuel indicator only shows that the gasoline level is low. On the other hand, your friend’s fuel indicator says that the gasoline level is low by nine gallons. It’s safe to say that your friend needs to refill his fuel tank, however, in your case it may be difficult to figure out until you visit the gas station for a refill. Similarly, it might be difficult to interpret different data points manually. That’s why a dashboard processes complex information and structures it according to your needs.

Easy data access in a format where you can readily interpret it is a bonus feature of an RCM dashboard. It can also help with effective and transparent patient engagement. You may ask how.

You would agree that communication is at the core of every engagement. However, lack of access to a patient’s history might lead to a communication gap…you may be wasting your time without it. A/B testing, patient scoring, segmentation and workflow automation can help you strategically communicate with patients to drive results. RCM dashboards do your heavy lifting by allowing your team to use data to improve practice outcomes, finances, clinical results and patient experience.

Prompt Service

As a rule of thumb, dashboards should not only be quick, but also efficient; especially in the case of healthcare providers. Both factors impact decision making and clinical outcomes. So, before you subscribe to an RCM software service, double check the track record. Ask for customer case studies to verify the service output commitments made by the vendor.

At HelioNext we understand the need to gather business insights to scale your healthcare practice. That’s why we offer real-time and actionable analytics at your fingertips. See your data come to life with our RCM analytics dashboard. You be the driver and choose the destination, we’ll be the vehicle that gets you there.