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At HelioNext, we understand that as mortgage lenders you need to streamline and evolve your operations to stay relevant and deliver value to customers. That’s why we leverage the golden trifecta—people, data and technology—to help you make data-driven decisions and refocus on your core.

Improve capacity management

Enhance performance, quality and productivity

Improve turnaround times

React to market changes

Take advantage of growth

Bring Your Mortgage Loan Processing Into the 21st Century

Tomorrow’s leading mortgage institutions will effectively leverage the golden trifecta to accelerate processing, reduce costs and improve turnaround times. Explore our bespoke suite of services.

  • Loan Document Indexing
  • Loan Set up and Initial Disclosures
  • Pre-Underwriting
  • Loan Conditions Gathering
  • Ordering Third Party Verification Services
  • Generating Closing Disclosures
  • Pre-Closing Quality Control
  • Post-Closing Quality Control
  • Loan Shipping
  • In addition, we offer a suite of other loan processing services
  • File Intake & Order Fulfilment
  • Title Commitment Typing
  • Tax Searches
  • Preparing CPL
  • Preparing Pre-Closing Disclosure
  • Order Payoffs
  • Order Lien Search & eStoppel
  • Preparing Final CD & Closing Docs

Unlock data-drive decision making, achieve digital speed and refocus on your core competencies with innovative automation solutions

Business Intelligence 

  • Capture daily and historical view of your operations  
  • Easy-to-use tools accessible on mobile, table or desktop 
  • Conduct in-depth analysis across multiple levers to deliver insights  
  • Leverage an in-built NLP tool to instantly answer your most critical questions 

Process Automation 

  • Proprietary mortgage automation platform 
  • Manage automation of specific processes across loan production lifecycle  
  • Rapid implementation with minimal impact on IT and business processes  
  • Scale your operations with minimal overheads 
  • 90% Optical Character Recognition accuracy enabling quick data entry that can be leveraged for intelligent automation and Artificial Intelligence 

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Given how much the mortgage loan market fluctuates, both the buyer and lenders need to be flexible, efficient and patient. As you’re probably aware, processing mortgage loans can be tedious and time consuming; so, the purpose and role of outsourcing service provider is all too clear. Outsourcing processes can help you, the lender, manage volume-spikes in loan origination, increase processing capability, reduce costs and streamline specific steps like underwriting, post-closing, title ordering, etc. As a result, you’re better equipped to focus on your core competencies—customer retention and business expansion.

An outsourcing service provider can help improve efficiency, reduce processing time and costs and allow you to focus on your core competency. That’s why, as a lender, you should focus on choosing a partner with extensive industry experience. They should also have the technology to map loan processing efficiency and knowledge of regulatory compliances and federal regulations.

Mortgage process automation (MPA) is becoming extremely popular among lenders, brokers and small bankers in the US given the wide range of advantages it offers across the mortgage loan processing lifecycle. As a lender, you’ll be better able to handle loan origination spikes, process documents, retain customers, foster good working relationships, manage accounting compliance and regulations, maintain uninterrupted cash flow, and much more.

A service provider who can help with pre-closing audits will review the purchase agreement and make sure there are no discrepancies. They will also check loan estimates, promissory notes, escrow statements and all other documents required to facilitate a smooth mortgage closing process. You’ll also benefit from their ability to point out any errors and work with buyers to either rectify them or offer you a reasonable explanation, well in time.

Foreclosure spikes have resulted in an increased need for post-closing audits. Federal regulations that surround mortgage loan processing put pressure on lenders to up compliance and quality standards. For these reasons, it may be useful to consider mortgage outsourcing service providers who can help with post-closing audits—among other processes. As a result, you can reduce turnaround time, lower costs, generate revenue and ensure accuracy and compliance.

The mortgage services industry is highly regulated and requires risk assessment, policy reviews and awareness of current laws. That’s why we operate with integrity and demonstrate compliance for all our partners. HelioNext is an ISO27001:2013 certified company. We also have a SOC2 Type 2 Gap Assessment certification.